Reported and Appellate Cases

LVI Environmental Services, Inc.  v. Commonwealth Tank, Inc.

Appeals Court No. 2014-P-1240


Rockstone Capital, LLC v. Mass Heavy Equipment Rental Corp.,

Appeals Court No. 2010-P-1067


Davagian v. Cape Codder Condominium Trust,

77 Mass.App.Ct. 1104 (2010); Appeals Court No. 2009-P-1611


The Middlesex Corporation v. Mass. Highway Department,

Appeals Court No. 2009-P-0246


Funari v. Cronin, 75 Mass.App.Ct. 1107 (2009), Appeals Court No. 2008-P-1980


M.I.G. Corporation, et al. v. Alonso Construction, Appeals Court No 2007-P-1414


Millgard Corp. v. Gadsby Hannah, LLP, 2006 WL 1973410 (2006)


iBasis, Inc. v. Macro Communications, Inc., 66 Mass.App.Ct. 1114 (2006), Appeals Court No. 2005-P-1263


Valente v. Wallace, 332 F.3d 30 (First Circuit, 2003), No. 02-2549


Other Published Work:

Massachusetts Rules of Court: KeyRules, Vol. IA – State; Motion to Compel Discovery, pp.328-331 (2011).