Probate Disputes

  • In May of 2017, represented the beneficiary to a family trust in obtaining his distributions following the resolution of a claim against the trust made by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. In Re:  Preble Family Irrevocable Trust (Worcester).
  • In October of 2013, represented a personal representative to the estates of her parents in a trial wherein her sufficiency to be the representative was challenged by her siblings. In Re: Hubert McKenobb, Middlesex Family & Probate Court (Cambridge), Consolidated Docket Nos. 12P1687, 12P0471, and 08P3779 (Donnelly, J.).
  • In July of 2013, successfully defended a will contest, proving that the burden of proof did not shift and remained with the objectors, as opposed to the alleged fiduciary. In Re: Helen Kendall, Middlesex Family & Probate Court (Cambridge), Docket No. 07P4070 (Donnelly, J.).